Mona is an Armenian singer, songwriter who is performing in Pop, Ballad and R&B genres. Mona was born on March 6, 1984 in Yerevan, Armenia. She couldn't imagine her life without music since childhood. After finishing studying like a reporter and legist, Mona started entertaining her vocal and concentrating in career of singer seriously. In 2008 Mona released her first album called Իմ Խենթ Փոքրիկ (My Crazy One), the second album was released in 2013 and called Ճերմակ Գայլուհի (White Wolf). Mona is also a showman and anchorwoman.

Mona - Im Anun@ Ser E

Mona - Monan Ei

Mona - Jana Jan

Mona - Im Xent Poqrik

Mona - Yeh Ishq Haaye